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The best way to contact me is  You can also use the social media links at the bottom of the page to stay in touch.

For in-person tutoring, you must live within 10 miles of Santa Teresa Blvd. and Cottle Rd. in South San Jose or be willing to drive to a meeting place within that distance.

I offer online tutoring as well, but I don't recommend it for 3rd grade and under.

I often have a waiting list, but please do contact me.  Openings can come at any time.

Ocean Grove families - once you have a spot with me, I will give you all the details you need to request your purchase order.

All families - once you have a spot, you will receive a short handbook from me with all the holiday dates, absence policies, etc.  I will take time to discuss your particular child(ren) with you by phone or web meeting so we can come up with an instruction plan that meets their needs.  I believe in partnering with the family and I'm always open to comments, suggestions, and changes from you.

Liber Class funny_edited.jpg

Here are some students from a class I taught at a homeschool center.  I found these masks in my teaching supplies and we decided to act out some characters.  I believe learning and fun should go together in the elementary years!

My son holding all of the finger puppets he made

My own kids making puppets for French class when they were young.

My son making a finger puppet at a homeschool center

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