• Beth Hankoff

Why the Flowers aren't Blooming

Updated: Aug 27

The children come to school as they are. They may be typical, neurodiverse, gender diverse, have physical or learning differences, and more.

The typical US public school environment was designed for the adult’s convenience, and modeled after a factory assembly line. It was not designed for the needs of ANY of our learners. As they struggle to survive and perform in the highly competitive, pressure-filled environment of the public schools, we keep asking what is wrong with them.

Would it surprise you to know that kids who are taught in a child-centered environment are not jaded, obnoxious, on drugs, failing to learn, or suicidal? Many of them start college and their own entrepreneurial businesses while still in high school.

We need to stop looking at the kids and start looking at the school environment. Is it: violent, hostile, punishment-based, popularity-based, grade-based? Is it a place to approach learning your own way, using your strengths, or a place where your weaknesses and the need to improve them is always at the forefront?

Let us improve our schools and make them beautiful places where all children can bloom.

"When a flower doesn't bloom, you FIX THE ENVIRONMENT in which it grows, NOT THE FLOWER." Alexander Den Heijer

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