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Special Needs and Learning Differences

The OT Toolbox

Ms. Jamie OT

Your Therapy Source

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National Center for Learning Disabilities|NCLD

WrightsLaw Special Education Law & Advocacy

Parents Helping Parents: Family Support, Information, and Advocacy

This place is excellent and located in San Jose.  Most groups and events are still running online throughout the pandemic, and they will take your call and answer your questions.  Invaluable!

What are Learning Disabilities?

Managing Learning Disabilities in College

Cerebral Palsy Guide

Birth Injury Center: What is cerebral palsy?

Five Historical Figures who Overcame Learning Disabilities

Did Albert Einstein have Dyslexia?

The famous people above are just a few of those who had learning disabilities.  Agatha Christie had dysgraphia - a disability that causes difficulty with writing - but still became a famous author.  Isn't that amazing?  Read their stories and more in the articles above.
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