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Student Work Page

​“The first draft is just you telling yourself the story.”


Terry Pratchett

My students have completed some wonderful writing.  This is their opportunity to show you.

Poem 2nd grade.jpg

Rhyming Poem

A second-grade student composed this poem for her baby sister's birthday.  She titled it "Hanna Butterfly."  

Cinquain Poems

Written by a 3rd grade student.

photo of Noora's Poem_edited.jpg
Cinquian Poem by Kriti
Fiction Story - The Worm Chase

Written by a 5th Grade Student.


Argumentative Essay

A 6th-grade essay arguing for improvement in zoos.

Argumentative Essay

A 6th-grade essay arguing against eating too many burgers. 


Fictional Narrative

A 4th-grade student wrote this story that was started during last year's summer class.  We used Mrs. Wordsmith's "How to Write a Story" curriculum.

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