Changes in the Works

Encourage is undergoing some changes.  I have always been passionate about change in the education system.  At this point in my career, so close to retirement, I have found some ways that I may still be of influence.

I always planned to end my teaching career slowly, and I'm not sure I will ever let it go completely until I'm no longer on the planet.  But for right now, I plan to continue with my current clients, and new clients I have offered a spot.  After that, I will not take on any new clients.  As students drop out or move on, I will use that time for my other pursuits, until eventually, I am not tutoring anymore.

I'm sorry if you came here looking for help and this is a disappointment for you.  If you need handwriting help, take a look here:

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Liber Class funny_edited.jpg

These are some of my students. I found these masks in my teaching supplies and we decided to act out some characters.

 Learning and fun should go together!